This is a fast, unofficial interface to the Unofficial DC Code released by the DC Council on April 4th. The Code, previously encumbered by copyrights and terms of service, were made available as a public domain download of Word documents. This makes that download into something useful and browseable.

Unlike the official site, this interface quickly improving and is completely free: you can copy it, improve it, and see how it works.


Reconstituted PDF for offline access or printing (beta) [25.1MB]

Want this website? Download it as a full copy [24.1MB]

A developer? Clone on GitHub or

git clone git@github.com:openlawdc/browser.git


The API is a work in progress. Currently you can request JSON-structured files of each section.


In which 3-201 is a code identifier, in this case meaning Title 3, section 201.

Please report any bugs for the browser on GitHub!