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The DC Code: § 1-135 Application of Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act.

Index1 Government Organization. (Refs & Annos)

All provisions of the District of Columbia Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act, subchapter III of Chapter 11A of this title, which apply to the election of and service of the Mayor of the District of Columbia shall apply to persons who are candidates or elected to serve as United States Senators and United States Representative pursuant to this initiative.

Historical and Statutory

Prior Codifications 1981 Ed., § 1-119. Effect of Amendments D.C. Law 19-124 substituted "subchapter III of Chapter 11A of this title" for "subchapter I of Chapter 11 of this title". Emergency Act Amendments For temporary (90 day) amendment of section, see § 401(m) of Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Establishment and Comprehensive Ethics Reform Emergency Amendment Act of 2012 (D.C. Act 19-298, January 29, 2012, 59 DCR 683). Legislative History of Laws Law 4-138, the "Statehood Convention Procedural Amendments Act of 1982," was introduced in Council and assigned Bill No. 4-450, which was referred to the Committee of the Whole. The Bill was adopted on first and second readings on May 25, 1982 and June 8, 1982, respectively. Signed by the Mayor on June 21, 1982, it was assigned Act No. 4-204 and transmitted to both Houses of Congress for its review. For history of Law 19-124, see notes under § 1-122. Miscellaneous Notes Expiration of Law 4-138: Section 4 of D.C. Law 4-138 provided that the provisions of § 1-119 [§ 1-135, 2001 Ed.] shall expire 30 days after the date that the provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (2 U.S.C. § 431 et seq.) are determined by appropriate federal authorities to apply to the Senators and Representative from the District of Columbia. DC CODE § 1-135 Current through December 11, 2012


(Aug. 14, 1982, D.C. Law 4-138, § 3, 29 DCR 2761; Apr. 27, 2012, D.C. Law 19-124, § 501(m), 59 DCR 1862.)