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The DC Code: § 11-1906 Qualification of jurors.

Index11 Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts. (Refs & Annos)
The jury system plan shall provide for procedures for the random selection and qualification of grand and petit jurors from the master juror list. Such plan may provide for separate or joint qualification and summoning processes.
(1) An individual shall be qualified to serve as a juror if that individual --
is a resident of the District of Columbia;
is a citizen of the United States;
has attained the age of 18 years; and
is able to read, speak, and understand the English language.
An individual shall not be qualified to serve as a juror --
if determined to be incapable by reason of physical or mental infirmity of rendering satisfactory jury service; or
if that individual has been convicted of a felony or has a pending felony or misdemeanor charge, except that an individual disqualified for jury service by reason of a felony conviction may qualify for jury service not less than one year after the completion of the term of incarceration, probation, or parole following appropriate certification under procedures set out in the jury system plan.
Any determination regarding qualification for jury service shall be made on the basis of information provided in the juror qualification form and any other competent evidence.
An individual who is blind may not be disqualified from serving as a juror solely on the basis of blindness, but may be disqualified from serving as a juror in a particular case if the individual's blindness makes the individual incapable of rendering satisfactory jury service in that case.
(1) The jury system plan shall provide that a juror qualification form be mailed to each prospective juror. The form and content of such juror qualification form shall be determined under the plan. Notarization of the juror qualification form shall not be required.
An individual who fails to return a completed juror qualification form as instructed may be ordered by the Court to appear before the clerk to fill out such form, to appear before the Court and show cause why he or she should not be held in contempt for failure to submit the qualification form, or both. An individual who fails to show good cause for such failure, or who without good cause fails to appear pursuant to a Court order, may be punished by a fine of not more than $300, by imprisonment for not more than seven days, or both.
An individual who intentionally misrepresents a material fact on a juror qualification form for the purpose of avoiding or securing service as a juror may be punished by a fine of not more than $300, by imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or both.

Historical and Statutory

Prior Codifications 1981 Ed., § 11-1906. 1973 Ed., § 11-1901. Miscellaneous Notes Short title: See Historical and Statutory Notes following § 11-1901. DC CODE § 11-1906 Current through December 11, 2012


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