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The DC Code: § 2-381.41 New contracts with costs exceeding existing contracts.

Index2 Government Administration. (Refs & Annos)

The Mayor shall not enter into any new contract for goods or services the cost of which exceeds the cost of an existing contract for the same goods or services, when the current contractor is willing to continue to provide the goods or services at the price of the existing contract, as long as the contractor is providing satisfactory service; nor shall the Mayor extend any existing contract for any amount over the price agreed to in the existing contract. Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the Mayor from putting a contract out for bid for a lower price.

Historical and Statutory

Prior Codifications 2001 Ed., § 2-325.01. 1981 Ed., § 1-1181.6a. Temporary Amendments of Section For temporary (225 day) amendment of section, see § 4 of the Budget Implementation Temporary Act of 1995 (D.C. Law 11-18, May 27, 1995, law notification 42 DCR 2845). For temporary (225 day) amendment of section, see §§ 2 through 5 of the Oak Hill Youth Center Educational Contracting Temporary Act of 1996 (D.C. Law 11- 193, April 9, 1997, law notification 44 DCR 2388). Legislative History of Laws Law 11-52, the "Omnibus Budget Support Act of 1995," was introduced in Council and assigned Bill No. 11-218, which was referred to the Committee of the Whole. The Bill was adopted on first and second readings on April 19, 1995, and June 6, 1995, respectively. Signed by the Mayor on July 13, 1995, it was assigned Act No. 11-94 and transmitted to both Houses of Congress for its review. D.C. Law 11-52 became effective on September 26, 1995. DC CODE § 2-381.41 Current through December 11, 2012


(Sept. 26, 1995, D.C. Law 11-52, § 816, 42 DCR 3684.)