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The DC Code: § 31-1631.08 Contracts and solicitation of contracts.

Index31 Insurance and Securities. (Refs & Annos)
No licensee shall, directly or indirectly, act within the District as a public insurance adjuster without having first entered into a contract, in writing, on a form approved by the Commissioner and executed in duplicate by the public insurance adjuster and the insured or a duly authorized representative. One copy of the contract shall be kept on file by the licensee and available at all times for inspection without notice by the Commissioner.
(1) An insured who contracts for the services of a public insurance adjuster shall have the right to cancel the contract until midnight on the 3rd business day after the day on which he or she signs the contract.   Contracts that do not substantially conform to the requirements contained in this section shall be void. Cancellation of the contract shall be effective when mailed if the following conditions are met:
The cancellation shall be in writing, but need not take a particular form, and shall be sufficient if it indicates the intent of the person not to go forward with the representation.
The right to cancel shall be contained in the approved contract prescribed by this chapter.
The right of recession contained in this subsection shall be in addition to, and not in limitation of, any other rights of the insured.
In a commercial loss, if a contract is cancelled in accordance with this subsection, the public insurance adjuster shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for actual services rendered and costs incurred between the time the contract was entered into and the time it was cancelled.
A licensee shall not solicit, or attempt to solicit, a client for employment during the progress of a loss-producing occurrence, as defined in the client's insurance contract.
A licensee shall not permit an unlicensed employee or agent in his or her own name to advertise, engage clients, furnish reports, or present bills to clients, or in any manner whatsoever to conduct business for which a license is required under this chapter.
A licensee shall not charge the client a fee that exceeds 10% of the total insurance recovery of the client.

Historical and Statutory

Legislative History of Laws For Law 14-256, see notes following § 31-1631.01. DC CODE § 31-1631.08 Current through December 11, 2012


(Mar. 27, 2003, D.C. Law 14-256, § 8, 50 DCR 238.)