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The DC Code: § 42-3531.06 Chief Tenant Advocate of the Office of the Tenant Advocate.

Index42 Real Property. (Refs & Annos)
There shall be a Chief Tenant Advocate who shall be responsible for the administration of the Office and implementation of the duties of the Office.
(1) On or after October 1, 2007, the Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council for a term of 3 years, unless sooner removed by the Mayor for cause. Any unexpired term as of October 1, 2007 shall expire on that date.
A person appointed to fill a vacancy of this office shall be appointed only for the unexpired term of the Chief whose vacancy is being filled.
(1) The Chief shall be a statutory officeholder in the Excepted Service pursuant to § 1-609.08 and shall receive annual compensation equivalent to that received by a District employee compensated at the grade of 15 of the District schedule established under subchapter XI of Chapter 6 of Title 1 (" District schedule"). No other employee of the Office shall receive annual compensation above the level of that received by a District employee at a grade 14 pursuant to the District schedule.
The Chief shall be a resident of the District of Columbia or become a resident not more than 180 days after the date of appointment, and shall remain a resident.
The Office shall employ the staff necessary, including attorneys, to assist the Chief in carrying out his or her duties.

Historical and Statutory

Effect of Amendments D.C. Law 16-181 rewrote subsec. (b); in subsec. (c)(2), substituted "and shall remain a resident" for "and shall remain a resident, unless temporarily or permanently exempted from these requirements by the Mayor or for good cause"; and, in subsec. (d), substituted "The Office shall employ the staff necessary, including attorneys," for "The Office shall employ the staff necessary". Prior to amendment, subsec. (b) read as follows: "(b) The Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council. The Chief shall report directly to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs." Emergency Act Amendments For temporary (90 day) addition, see § 2066 of Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2005 (D.C. Act 16-168, July 26, 2005, 52 DCR 7667). Legislative History of Laws For Law 16-33, see notes following § 42-3531.01. For Law 16-181, see notes following § 42-3531.01. Effective Dates Section 5 of D.C. Law 16-181 provides: "Section 2 through 4 shall apply as of October 1, 2007." DC CODE § 42-3531.06 Current through December 11, 2012


(Oct. 20, 2005, D.C. Law 16-33, § 2066, 52 DCR 7503; Oct. 1, 2007, D.C. Law 16-181, § 2(e), 53 DCR 6703.)