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The DC Code: § 47-4632 Campbell Heights project; Lot 0207, Square 0204.

Index47 Taxation, Licensing, Permits, Assessments, and Fees. (Refs & Annos)
For the purposes of this section, the term " covenants" means a restrictive covenant or regulatory agreements, or both, associated with the real property's receipt of federal low-income housing tax credits or other assistance pursuant to section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, approved Oct. 22, 1986 (100 Stat. 2189; 26 U.S.C. § 42), or any other affordable housing program funded fully, or in part, by the District or its instrumentalities, including the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency, restricting the real property's use to multifamily rental housing for low-income housing.
The real property, described as Lot 0207 (or any successor lot or lots), Square 0204, shall be exempt from taxation under Chapter 8 of this title, and District of Columbia permitting fees relating to construction or renovation of improvements on the real property, for a period commencing on the day after the transfer of real property to the Campbell Height Residents Association, or its assignee, and the recordation against the real property of the covenants and terminating when the last of the covenants terminates, but for no less than 15 years in accordance with the applicable low-income housing requirements.
To claim the exemptions provided under subsection (b) of this section, including a refund of any real property taxes already paid, Campbell Height Residents Association, or its assignee, shall file a copy of the recorded deed of the real property to Campbell Height Residents Association, or its assignee, and the recorded covenants, with the Office of Tax and Revenue.

Historical and Statutory

Emergency Act Amendments For temporary (90 day) repeal of section 3 of D.C. Law 18-164, see § 7009 of Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2010 (D.C. Act 18-463, July 2, 2010, 57 DCR 6542). Legislative History of Laws Law 18-164, the "Campbell Heights Residents Real Property Tax Exemption Act of 2010", was introduced in Council and assigned Bill No.  18-490, which was referred to the Committee on Finance and Revenue.  The bill was adopted on first and second readings on March 2, 2010, and March 16, 2010, respectively. Signed by the Mayor on April 2, 2010, it was assigned Act No. 18-356 and transmitted to both Houses of Congress for its review.   D.C. Law 18-164 became effective on May 27, 2010. Miscellaneous Notes Section 3 of D.C. Law 18-164 provides: "Sec. 3. Applicability. "This act shall apply upon the inclusion of its fiscal effect in an approved budget and financial plan." Section 7009 of D.C. Law 18-223 repealed section 3 of D.C. Law 18-164. DC CODE § 47-4632 Current through December 11, 2012


(May 27, 2010, D.C. Law 18-164, § 2(b), 57 DCR 3034.)