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The DC Code: § 6-601.04 Additions; towers, spires, and domes; theaters.

Index6 Housing and Building Restrictions and Regulations. (Refs & Annos)
Additions to existing combustible or nonfireproof structures after June 1, 1910, erected, altered, or raised to exceed the height limited by §§ 6- 601.01 to 6-601.08 for such structures shall be of fireproof construction from the foundation up, and no part of any combustible or nonfireproof building shall be raised above such limit or height unless that part be fireproof from the foundations up.
Towers, spires, or domes, thereafter constructed more than 60 feet above the sidewalk, must be of fireproof material from the foundation up, and must be separated from the roof space, choir loft, or balcony by brick walls without openings, unless such openings are protected by fireproof or metal-covered doors on each face of the wall. Full power and authority is hereby granted to and conferred upon every person, whose application was filed in the Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia prior to the adoption of the present building regulations of said District, to construct a steel fireproof dome on any buildings owned by such person, in square 345 of said District, as set forth in the plans and specifications annexed to or forming a part of such applications so filed, any other provision in §§ 6-601.01 to 6-601.08 contained to the contrary notwithstanding. And the Inspector of Buildings of said District shall make no changes in said plans and specifications unless for the structural safety of the building it is necessary to do so.
Every theater erected after June 1, 1910, and every building converted thereafter to use as a theater, and any building or the part or parts thereof under or over the theater so erected or the buildings so converted, shall be of fireproof construction from the foundation up and have fireproof walls between it and other buildings connected therewith, and any theater damaged to one-half its value shall not be rebuilt except with fireproof materials throughout and otherwise in accordance with the building regulations of the District of Columbia.

Historical and Statutory

Prior Codifications 1981 Ed., § 5-404. 1973 Ed., § 5-404. Change in Government This section originated at a time when local government powers were delegated to a Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia (see Acts Relating to the Establishment of the District of Columbia and its Various Forms of Governmental Organization in Volume 1). Section 401 of Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1967 (see Reorganization Plans in Volume 1) transferred all of the functions of the Board of Commissioners under this section to a single Commissioner. The District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, 87 Stat. 818, § 711 (D.C. Code, § 1-207.11), abolished the District of Columbia Council and the Office of Commissioner of the District of Columbia. These branches of government were replaced by the Council of the District of Columbia and the Office of Mayor of the District of Columbia, respectively. Accordingly, and also pursuant to § 714(a) of such Act (D.C. Code, § 1-207.14(a)), appropriate changes in terminology were made in this section. DC CODE § 6-601.04 Current through December 11, 2012


(June 1, 1910, 36 Stat. 453, ch. 263, § 4.)