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The DC Code: § 8-2103.01 Definitions.

Index8 Environmental and Animal Control and Protection (Refs & Annos)

For the purposes of this subchapter, the term:

"Abate" means removing rodent infestations by eliminating or rodent-proofing rodent food sources, eliminating rodent nesting areas, rodent-proofing building entry ways, and poisoning or trapping existing rodent populations.
"Debris" means any of the following:
Construction or demolition waste that is not stored in a rodent-proof container and not removed after 14 days or longer;
Yard waste and branches that are not bundled and set out for waste collection, but not yard waste placed in a properly maintained compost pile; and
Fire wood that is stored next to a building or left in loose piles on the ground, but not fire wood that is stored away from buildings and at least 18 inches above the ground or in a rodent-proof building.
"Grease" means used cooking oil, vegetable oil, shortening, margarine or any other used fat or oil used for cooking, frying or baking intended for recycling or disposal.
"Harborage" means rodent infestation or providing food or nesting areas for rodents, which may be identified by the presence of burrows, droppings, tracks, runways, gnawings, urine stains, odor, live or dead rodents, nests, and rodent gnawed food.
"Hardware cloth" means galvanized metal cloth or netting with small diameter holes used to prevent rodents from entering buildings.
"Rodent-proof" or "rodent-proofing" includes:
Heavy duty plastic or metal containers with tightly-fitting lids fastened to the container; and
Using hardware cloth to seal building openings.

Historical and Statutory

Emergency Act Amendments For temporary (90 day) amendment of section, see §§ 902 to 908 of the Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Support Congressional Review Emergency Act of 2000 (D.C. Act 13-438, October 20, 2000, 47 DCR 8740). Legislative History of Laws For Law 13-172, see notes following § 8-2101.01. DC CODE § 8-2103.01 Current through December 11, 2012


(Oct. 19, 2000, D.C. Law 13-172, § 904, 47 DCR 6308.)