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The DC Code: § 9-901 Definitions.

Index9 Transportation Systems. (Refs & Annos)

For the purposes of this chapter, the term:

"Authority facilities" means any or all airport facilities now existing or subsequently acquired or constructed or caused to be constructed by the Authority under this chapter, together with any or all buildings, improvements, additions, extensions, replacements, appurtenances, lands, rights in land, water rights, air rights, franchises, machinery, equipment, furnishings, landscaping, easements, utilities, approaches, roadways and other facilities necessary or desirable in connection with or incidental to the facilities, including the existing Dulles Airport access road and its right-of-way, acquired or constructed by the Authority.
"Authority" means the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority created by this chapter and by similar enactment by the Commonwealth of Virginia, or if the Authority is abolished, the board, body, or commission or agency succeeding to the principal functions of the Authority or upon whom the powers given by this chapter to the Authority shall be conferred by law.
"Cost" means, as applied to Authority facilities, the cost of acquisition of all lands, structures, rights of way, franchises, easements, and other property rights and interests, the cost of lease payments, the cost of construction, the cost of demolishing, removing, or relocating any buildings or structures on lands acquired, including the cost of acquiring any lands to which the buildings or structures may be moved or relocated, the cost of any extensions, enlargements, additions and improvements, the cost of all labor, materials, machinery and equipment, financing charges, interest on all bonds prior to and during construction and, if considered advisable by the Authority, for a period not exceeding 1 year after completion of construction, the cost of engineering, financial and legal services, plans, specifications, studies, surveys, estimates of cost and of revenues, other expenses necessary or incident to determining the feasibility or practicability of constructing the Authority facilities, administrative expenses, provisions for working capital, reserves for interest and for extensions, enlargements, additions and improvements, the cost of bond insurance and other devices designed to enhance the creditworthiness of the bonds, and other expenses necessary or incidental to the construction of the Authority facilities, the financing of this construction, and the placing of the Authority facilities in operation. Any obligation or expenses incurred by the District of Columbia ("District") or any agency of the District, with the approval of the Authority, for studies, surveys, borings, preparation of plans and specifications, or other work or materials in connection with the construction of the Authority facilities may be regarded as part of the cost of the Authority facilities and may be reimbursed to the District or the agency out of any funds available for these purposes or the proceeds of the revenue bonds issued for Authority facilities as authorized by this chapter.
"Bonds" or "revenue bonds" means bonds and notes or refunding bonds and notes or bond anticipation notes or other obligations of the Authority issued under provisions of this chapter.

Historical and Statutory

Prior Codifications 1981 Ed., § 7-1251. DC CODE § 9-901 Current through December 11, 2012


(Dec. 3, 1985, D.C. Law 6-67, § 2, 32 DCR 6093; Jul. 25, 1987, D.C. Law 7-18, § 3(a), 34 DCR 3804.)